One of the biggest challenges that overweight people have is finding a program that helps them lose the pounds they need, without regaining them once they have finished the treatment plan. Therefore, the idea is not only that the person looks good, but that all the necessary changes are carried out to stay that way over time.

That is why at VIVE MED CENTER we take care of personal nutritional advice, develop a plan to lose weight safely and make recommendations on nutrition and exercise. Sometimes weight loss in people can be a bit more complex to deal with than a simple diet. With that in mind, it is recommended that diet programs be both personalized and medically supervised.

This study detects the functions, mechanisms and performance of the different areas of the heart, in terms of their electrical activity. Therefore, it has the function of diagnosing cardiovascular diseases or pathologies, certain predispositions, metabolic alterations and the extension of the cardiac cycle.
This test is usually performed at the specialist's office level, simply, quickly, and without any risk to the person. Because it is so useful for the diagnosis of various pathologies, at VIVE MED CENTER we take care of performing the electrocardiogram, since it is a painless and non-invasive way to help diagnose many common heart problems in people of all ages

It is a medical treatment, through which unwanted hair is removed almost permanently; either at the body or facial level. To do this, a laser beam is applied to the area in question. In general, cream-type topical anesthesia is used to minimize any discomfort. For the treatment to be almost 100% effective, maintenance must be done every so often; it can be every 3 or 6 months, depending on the patient.

The number of sessions will depend on the type of hair to be removed, the area and even the skin color of the patient. At VIVE MED CENTER we recommend that after each session you apply some soothing cream based on Aloe Vera, do not shave, wash the area with soap and water and use sunscreen.

It is a treatment that acts on the epidermis and dermis; in this way it favors the development of new collagen fibers. As these layers regenerate, the skin also renews itself and will appear smoother, smoother and firmer. It can be used on warts, skin that has aged from sun exposure, birthmarks, facial veins, and spider veins. It is not recommended for skin with active acne.

It is recommended for people of both sexes, who have wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth and around the eyes. Also, in case of scars left by chickenpox or acne, and also in skin that does not respond to a face lift and reddened areas.

The treatment consists of the application of a beam of light similar to infrared at a temperature of about 118 ° C; locating the deeper fungi and eliminating them. It is a non-invasive technology and without side effects. Visible results are usually achieved in just about 4 sessions, on average, about 10 minutes each. The patient does not feel pain, but a sensation of heat in the nail being treated.

Its great advantage is that it does not affect the nail or the surrounding tissues. In addition, it is safe and takes little time. Neither special care is required after the session, only daily personal hygiene. You can also do sports if you want, because the nail will not fall off, you just have to let it grow. But it is better not to paint it with enamel.

Simply put, the laser heats up the vein and the vein coagulates until it disappears. The patient, at the time of using the laser, will only feel a small blow, because both before and after that burst of light the area is cooled. Usually it takes a maximum of 5 sessions, each lasting twenty minutes, for all of them to be completely eliminated.

The type of laser will depend on the thickness of the vein to be treated. It is a very good option for very fine veins, that is, less than 4 mm; both at the level of the legs, as in the chest or face. Even those that are smaller than 1 mm can be treated. Also for patients who are afraid of needles or are allergic to sclerosing-type substances. The inflammation is short-lived.

I suffer from melasma, what can I do?
At VIVE MED CENTER we offer you perfectly trained specialists to perform treatments in those cases in which it is required. Some of these procedures are:

• Microneedles. For this we use Microneedeling with PRP "Liquid Gold".
• Chemical peeling. In the office we do it with Jan Marini Rejuvenation with glycolic and enzymes.
• Laser. The laser we use is the GentleMax Pro, Neodymium Yag, with a short wavelength of 1064 nm.
• Microdermabrasion. In our Institute we use Jan Marini Microdermabrasion Rejuvenation and Marini Glycolic and Luminous Rejuvenation.

It is an aesthetic, outpatient, non-surgical and office-level procedure, in which we use your platelets to stimulate new growth. It is recommended for different causes of hair loss, such as stress, nutritional problems, medication due to a side effect, alopecia due to force applied when combing, etc. It is also recommended as a reliminary step for those who plan to have a hair transplant.

On the contrary, it is not recommended in people with a platelet or blood disorder, because they will not be able to respond as needed. Likewise, it is discouraged in people with diseases such as cancer, thyroid, lupus, liver (but chronic), infections or taking anticoagulants

Also called microneedling, it is a highly requested skin rejuvenation treatment, as results are obtained in a short time. It is done using microneedles that penetrate the epidermis and allow the product being used to penetrate deeper. In this way, the healing of the skin is stimulated, increases the production of collagen and improves the complexion, for a younger, healthier and more luminous skin.

It can be performed on all skin types and is a fast, minimally invasive and safe outpatient procedure. It can be used around the mouth, around the eyes and on the neck. In general, it does not need anesthesia, although a cream that fulfills this function can be applied if the patient requires it. It has no side effects.

Fillers for facial use are substances that are injected intradermally, in order to temporarily correct the effects caused by age; restoring volume and luminosity to the skin. In addition, they reduce wrinkles. It is a procedure that is performed in the office, on an outpatient basis and with local topical anesthesia.

The substances most used in aesthetic medicine are botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid filler. Both help to smooth out the same problem, just in different ways and are applied in different areas. These fillers, depending on how long they last in the tissue, can be temporary, semipermanent and permanent. Our VIVE MED CENTER staff will carry out an evaluation to guide you on the product and technique that best suits you; of course, based on the needs of your skin.

They are non-invasive or surgical procedures that restore the natural beauty and health of your skin, leaving it clean, healthy and very luminous. They are recommended for women and men. One of our professionals will tell you what will be the best treatment for your skin, including what products you should use at home. All of our treatments are made with medical grade productsTreatment will depend on the concerns your skin presents.

You can perform chemical peels or peels, microdermabrasion, microneedles or microneedling, also treatments with the use of radiofrequency, among many others. This will achieve a deep cleaning, eliminating dead cells and allowing cell renewal. If you want to know what each one consists of and what products we apply, visit our blog, where we explain it in detail.

Preventive medicine is responsible for guiding us so that certain diseases do not develop or prevent their evolution, maintaining health and well-being. Preventive and curative medicine, although they focus on different moments in the nature of the disease, are related and complementary. In VIVE MED CENTER we see it necessary and important to know all the characteristics of each individual to personalize their case.

Thus we can determine the type of medical care to follow and modify certain healthier daily habits; such as eating or adding exercises to prevent or delay the disease and obtain a better quality of life. Preventive medicine, therefore, brings great benefits to people of any age.